From Russia with Love

– I maintain that Israel has agents of influence targeting Russian public opinion, and some of them purposefully work to incite anti-Muslim sentiment and generally instigate ethnic and religious enmity within Russia. People like Satanovsky, Eskin and other shills seek to drag Russia into the fight on Israel’s side by promoting the “common destiny” narrative, and by pitting Russians against Muslims.

Should they succeed, Russians may fall out with a whole lot of their long-time neighbors and fellow countrymen, including the numerous ethnic groups in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia’s steppe regions, who all share Islam as their religion. This would lead to a dramatic split between Russia and the entire Muslim world, undermine its record as a unique historic project based on a dialogue of civilizations, derail Russia from its path of independent development, and make it utterly dependent upon Israel and its Western sponsors, whose ultimate goal is to have Russia partitioned and sucked dry of its enormous natural resources. [Maksim Shevchenko, for RT]


“and then you win”

United Nations, October 01, 2011

India came out in all out support for a Palestinian bid for membership of the United Nations as a Security Council committee met behind closed doors to begin considering its application. Underscoring New Delhi’s support of the Palestinians’ bid, India’s Permanent Representative Hardeep Singh Puri on Friday recalled that his country was the first non-Arab state to grant recognition of a Palestinian state when it did so in 1988.

“We look forward to welcoming Palestine as an equal member of the United Nations.”

Mon Amie ..

– I had an idea that performing in Israel would have been a unique opportunity to encourage and support my fans’ opposition to the current government’s actions and policies. I would have personally asked my Israeli fans face-to-face to fight this apartheid with peace in their hearts, but after much deliberation I now see that it would be more effective a statement to not go to Israel until this systemised apartheid is abolished once and for all. Therefore I publicly retract my well-intentioned decision to go and perform in Israel and so sincerely hope that this decision represents an effective statement against this regime. [Natacha Atlas Official, Facebook]

Middle East Reality

– How come Netanyahu was too busy chatting to the Colombian President to listen to Obama’s speech? He only glanced through the Palestinian bit of the text when he was live-time, face to face with the American President. This wasn’t ”chutzpah”. This was insult, pure and simple.

And Obama deserved it. After praising the Arab Spring/Summer/ Autumn, whatever – yet again running through the individual acts of courage of Arab Tunisians and Egyptians as if he had been behind the Arab Awakening all along, the man dared to give the Palestinians 10 minutes of his time, slapping them in the face for daring to demand statehood from the UN. Obama even – and this was the funniest part of his preposterous address to the UN – suggested that the Palestinians and Israelis were two equal ”parties” to the conflict

A Martian listening to this speech would think, as Ms Ashrawi suggested, that the Palestinians were occupying Israel rather than the other way round… [Robert Fisk, The Independent]

Political Tsunami

Had a stranger stumbled into the General Assembly on Friday, they might have thought Lady Gaga – or at least Madonna – was about to perform, and not the somber Abbas. Dozens of people who couldn’t find a seat stood along the walls of the hall, while others sat down on the stairs. When Abbas’ name was announced, the crowd rose to its feet and received him with applause befitting nothing less than a rock star…

When Netanyahu got up on stage there were already empty pockets in the hall. Many representatives, especially those from Arab countries, left after Abbas’ speech. The silence in the hall was also noticeable. The applause that interrupted Abbas’ speech several times was not extended to Netanyahu; the only applause he received was from his advisers and a small group of Jewish activists. [Barak Ravid, Haaretz]