Say Stop

– I do not understand why the world still does not put an end to what is happening between Israel and Palestine. Israel has repeatedly abused, murdered, thrown out innocent Palestinians from their homes, and all are quiet and do not dare to speak out.

I’m not anti-Jewish or -Israelis, I am not judging people based on their religion or ethnicity, never, because believe me there are many Israelis and Jews who themselves believe this to be wrong. I would have been anti-Palestine if they did so against the Israelis. I am in favor of a free society, where your ethnicity does not determine where you are going to live or whether you should be shot or not. Certainly there are Palestinians throwing stones, who sends rockets, and behave like idiots, I’m against them too because I am absolutely against innocent murder, but somehow people need to understand.

If immigrants in Sweden came and took over and threw out the Swedes out of their homes, would you not do the same? … [Ana Gina, on her own blog]


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